Beneficial Training & Support to Grow Your Business

Training doesn’t end just because you’ve completed New Franchise Training, as support is available every step of the way on your journey as a franchisee. Comfort Keepers empowers you and supports your business through training events, networking opportunities, ongoing support, and a valuable community of colleagues with which you can learn and grow.


Training opportunities and network events are held throughout the year:


Franchisees across the United States are part of an inclusive network to help one another learn and grow. While you can connect with any member online, in-person co-op meetings are held frequently so franchisees can meet in their area to brainstorm new ideas, create local marketing strategies, and boost business together. You also have the opportunity to network with franchisees outside of your region at the Annual Conference. This special event gathers all franchisees for a 3-day event to consult with industry experts and strengthen professional skills through presentations, breakout sessions, and casual conversation.

Day-to-Day Support

Comfort Keepers provides centralized support sources online, by phone, and in-person to help franchisees every step of the way. Our Business Support Centers out of Irvine and Dayton are only a quick phone call away and always accessible to supply solutions. Additionally, Regional Directors live in your area to directly help with business planning and sales training while providing specialized expertise and resources.


At Comfort Keepers, we hold one another accountable – not only through events and trainings, but also through local and national communities. Franchisees have the option to join a local performance management group that meets quarterly to discuss business practices, set goals, and ensure everyone is on the right track to meet their objectives. Alternatively, collaborate online to share experiences with franchisees across the nation.

Whether you’re connecting virtually, attending collaborative area meetings, or working directly with your Regional Director, the Comfort Keepers community is always there for support, development, and success.

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