Comfort Keepers Generates 4x Call Volume Through Unique Audience Modeling

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SAN FRANCISCO, March 7, 2017 — RampUp 2017 — Leading call attribution provider, DialogTech, unveiled a new case study alongside Quantcast and Comfort Keepers at LiveRamp’s RampUp 2017 conference. The case study explains how Comfort Keepers, one of the nation’s leading providers of in-home care for seniors, worked with digital agency Search Discovery, advertising technology company Quantcast and DialogTech to implement a unique display ad targeting strategy that drove 4 times more phone calls to Comfort Keepers locations than other targeting methods.

“Phone conversations play an extremely important role in the customer journey for Comfort Keepers,” said Bryan Huber, Global Director of Digital Marketing at CK Franchising, Inc. “People are making a high-dollar decision for a loved one’s care and want to speak to a real person to make sure they’ll do a great job. We see that reflected in our marketing, where 70 percent of conversions are phone calls. It’s why we’re so excited to be using this new audience model capability from DialogTech and Quantcast to generate more callers.”

Integrating the DialogTech and Quantcast platforms enables this new type of audience modeling. “To expand Comfort Keepers’ reach into this high-value target audience, Quantcast and Search Discovery built a custom look-a-like model leveraging online behavioral attributes, content consumption patterns as well as anonymized call data,” said Josh Mallamud, SVP of Strategic Partnerships at DialogTech. “Using this novel approach to target new audiences with programmatic display advertising, Comfort Keepers was able to achieve a tremendous increase in the inbound calls they value so highly.”

Over the first six weeks leveraging this methodology, the call-data modeling generated 4 times the calls to Comfort Keepers locations as other display targeting strategies.

“Based on data from our most valuable offline lead-generating trigger, Quantcast and DialogTech have defined, delivered and unlocked a live custom audience. We’ve found interested people picking up the phone for more information and to set up a consultation,” said Huber.

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