Training for New Franchise Owners

Training and Support for Your Success

With the right tools and a strong commitment, you can build a successful Comfort Keepers franchise. We offer structured training and coaching plus guidance on creating a solid business plan.

Comprehensive Training

From the start, Comfort Keepers provides new franchisees comprehensive training in all aspects of management and operations, including spending time in an active Comfort Keepers office to observe operations. We’ll teach you hands-on techniques for running and developing a successful Comfort Keepers business with our comprehensive training curriculum led by a Business Coach.

The Five Phases of Our Training Program

To arm our future franchisees with the tools and confidence to flourish, we crafted a thorough onboarding process in five phases.


Curious about Comfort Keepers? Prior to committing, we grant prospective team members the opportunity to meet our specialists, ranging from marketing experts to representatives of the nursing staff. Joined by no more than a handful of other prospects, you can ask as many questions as you’d like to discern whether Comfort Keepers is the right franchise organization for you.


Once you decide that you want to own a Comfort Keepers franchise, your learning begins! We’ll connect you with your Regional Director to give you insights on creating a business plan.


At this phase, your growth truly accelerates. Participants come to California for 4+ days of virtual training modules with representatives for the CKFI staff. Comfort Keepers hosts sessions designed to provide the keys to success, including

  • Creating and executing a marketing plan
  • Conveying what makes Comfort Keepers unique
  • Proper utilization of sales tools
  • Recruiting, hiring, and training skilled caregivers
  • Teaching caregivers to proper home etiquette and safety assessments
  • Scheduling tips
  • IT systems
  • Financing

What’s more, new franchisees can network with colleagues to build friendships and join a supportive community.


Following the on-site training, new franchise owners transition to one-on-one coaching from their Regional Director. Questions will arise as you dive deeper into the materials and put concepts into practice, so our Regional Directors are available to help you navigate the first few months of operations.


In addition to regular conversations with the Regional Directors, franchisees will have the opportunity to join a Performance Management Group (PMG). This is a peer-supported quarterly mastermind meeting designed to afford you the ability to review your business with your peers and take away best practices and tips from other successful Comfort Keepers owners.

Additional ongoing support options include access to our Business Support Center, networking events, annual conferences, business development training, and area meetings. Learn more about the opportunities we offer to seasoned franchisees!

Remember, at all phases of your Comfort Keepers journey, you’re never alone. You won’t have to have all of the answers from the start. We’ll be there with you along the way, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business and serving your community.